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Participant Authentication

Participant authentication allows to restrict access to your polls. There are two ways to do that.

  1. Password Distribution: After your upload of a list of arbitrary usernames/pseudonyms, we generate a list of username-password combinations that you can distribute to your participants.

  2. SwitchAAI: After your upload of a list of SwitchAAI accounts (exact matches by email), participants will get access to your KlickerUZH session using their personal SwitchAAI login. Therefore, you will not be able to emulate any of your participants.

Step by step guide for participant authentication.

  1. Create a session

Create Session

  1. Define participants using either SwitchAAI or password distribution

  2. Save and start your session

  3. Get the participants list

Get Participants

  1. When using password authentication: participants can now log in with the password they got from the participants list (copied in the GIF before)

Log In

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