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The evaluation screen provides different charts for all questions asked within a session. Once you click on Evaluation (Results) on your Running Session, this page will open in a new browser tab. It is recommended to keep both tabs active, as you will need both screens over the course of the entire session.


Depending on the question type the evaluation screen might look different. Additionally, some charts are not available for all question types. The two screens show all features.

  1. Navigation: All questions within the active block are listed here. Click the question or use the arrows on the very left or right to navigate through the questions.
  2. Question: The question posed to the audience.
  3. Number of participants: Indicates how many participants answered the question.
  4. Show Solution: For single and multiple choice questions this slider can be used to show the correct answer within the graph.
  5. Chart Type: This dropdown can be used to change the type of chart. There are 5 chart types available: Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Histogram, Word Cloud, and Table.
  6. Choices: This list shows all possible answers (only for SC/MC).
  7. Statistics: Statistics are only displayed for number range questions.
  8. Chart: The chart is only displayed after the "Show Graph" button is clicked. Providing this feature enables the speaker to wait until enough participants answered the question before showing the results.
  9. Export CSV: Clicking this button exports all collected results in a CSV format.
  10. Export PDF: Clicking this button opens the print preview, which can be used to print the current session evaluations to a PDF.


In addition to the evaluation of questions, the outcome of audience interaction functionalities will be shown in separate tabs if the session has been completed and the functionalities were enabled.

The evaluation screen for the Q&A channel allows the lecturer to review and/or export the results of the Q&A for a later upload to the LMS:

Q&A Evaluation

Additionally, the evaluation screen for the confusion barometer visualized the history of incoming feedbacks during the sessions along the time axis. Using the graph settings below the chart, the windowing algorithm for display can be tuned regarding granularity.

Confusion Evaluation

This step concludes the basic tutorial which led you through all of the basic features that the KlickerUZH offers. If you would like to see how you can edit, archive, or delete questions, or how you can update certain user settings, please continue with the Advanced Tutorial section.

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