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Question Pool

The question pool is the first page you will encounter upon logging in to your Klicker account. It provides an overview of all previously created questions. The listing can be filtered and sorted by various parameters.

Question Pool

The following details and actions are shown for every question:

  1. Title: The title of the question.
  2. Question: The question for the audience.
  3. Tags: List of tags associated with this question.
  4. Type: The type of the question (SC, MC, FT or NR).
  5. View / Edit: View the whole question and edit it.
  6. Usage History: A list of all sessions where the question was previously used. Click on a link to see the evaluation of the corresponding session.
  7. Version: Indicates which version is displayed and used. Use the dropdown to switch between multiple versions.

The following areas and buttons provide filtering options for the question list and allow to create new questions and sessions:

  1. Type/Tag: Select question types and/or tags to filter the questions.
  2. Search: Type in a query to search question titles and contents.
  3. Sort: Sort the questions according to their creation dates, last usage, question types or titles.
  4. Sorting Order: Order the questions in ascending or descending order.
  5. Creation Menu with options to create a new question, create a new session, and import questions.
  6. Further Options: Possibility to delete or archive selected questions as well as to export them or save the statistic in a csv-File.

To continue with the tutorial and create your first question, click on Create Question.

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