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Create a Session

Once you are back on the Question Pool screen and can see your new question, click Create Session in the creation menu (the plus on the top right) to begin the session creation process.

Every session consists of blocks of one or more questions. During an ongoing session, the speaker activates these question blocks one after the other. The audience can respond to questions within a block simultaneously; multiple blocks are activated in sequence.

Session Basic

The following steps need to be done to create a new session:

  1. Click the Create Session button in the creation menu. The session creation area opens up on the bottom of the screen (underneath your question pool).

  2. Enter a new descriptive name for the session or use the generated one (only visible to the speaker and not to the audience).

  3. Choose a question and optionally select the version you want to use by clicking on the indicated version. Then Drag & Drop the question from the question list onto the grey plus sign (+) of either a new or existing question block. You may also use the grey Split questions into 2 blocks button or the grey Group questions into one block after checking the questions beforehand.

It is possible to create new questions and duplicate or edit existing ones even when you are in the session creation process. This allows you to iteratively work on your session and your questions.

Session Advanced

After the session creation is complete, either save and close the session creation or save and start the session. You will be redirected to the Running Session screen.

To continue with the tutorial, add your question to a question block, save your session with Save & Close and continue to Navigation.

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