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Session List

The session list provides you with an overview of all your prepared and historic sessions. If you have followed the tutorial, you should see your newly created session in the list.

Session List

The session list is divided into three sections:

  1. Running Session: Only shows sessions that are currently running or have been paused.
  2. Planned Sessions: Shows all sessions that are created but not completed. These sessions can be started at any time (given that no session is currently running).
  3. Completed Sessions: Shows all completed sessions. These sessions cannot be started again, but one can see the evaluation of the questions.

From the session list, you can start a session, open the evaluation screen or click on Options (4.) in order to Modify, Copy & Modify, or Delete a Session.

To continue with the tutorial, click on the Start button of your newly created session, which will redirect you to the Running Session.

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