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Running Session

Once you have started a session, you will be redirected to Running Session, which will serve as your "Cockpit" throughout the entire execution.

Running Session

This screen is used during a speech or lecture to manage the questions and audience feedback and provides the following information and options:

  1. Starting Time: The time the session was started at.
  2. Session Duration: How long the session is already running.
  3. QR Code: Click here to display the QR-Code so that the audience can scan it (e.g., with an appropriate mobile app) and get forwarded to the web page for answering the questions and giving feedback. This also shows the URL to give to the audience for participation.
  4. Audience View: Click here to see the Audience View.
  5. Evaluation: Click here to see the Evaluation of the currently active question block.
  6. Further Options: Under this button, you can find further options that might be helpful during a session. At the moment this includes the possiblity share your evaluation results directly via a link, by checking the Publish evaluation button and follow the Public Evaluation (Results) link. Fruthermore, also the link for participants to join the session can be found here again.
  7. Question blocks: Already executed question blocks are labeled with a tick, the active one is labeled with speech bubbles and colored in green, and upcoming question blocks do not have any label.
  8. Navigation: This button is used to navigate through the question blocks. It indicates the action taken when it is clicked.
  9. Question Block Settings: The block settings menu exposes several useful block-related features: Countdown, Nonsequential Activation, and Block Reset.
  10. Enable Audience Interaction: This master switch enables the audience interaction features and toggles a corresponding interaction section on all participant devices.
  11. Audience Interaction Panel: Audience Interaction includes a dynamic feedback channel among other features and is described in more detail under the Audience Interaction section.

To continue with the tutorial, activate your first question block by clicking on Activate first block. This will open the question to student responses, allowing you to see it on the Audience View. Additionally, activate audience interaction by toggling the corresponding option. You can then reach the audience view by clicking on the corresponding button near the timeline.

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