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The KlickerUZH is developed as an open-source project and the project development and operations are funded solely by the Teaching Center at the Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich, as well as through project-specific competitive funding provided by UZH and Swissuniversities.

If you or your organization use the KlickerUZH and/or would like to contribute to the further development of our project, we offer two main ways of doing so: sponsoring specific functionalities, or sponsoring the project in general. Beside these monetary funding capabilities, we are of course also open for open-source contributions or for promotion to a new user group.

Feature Sponsorship

If you or users at your organization require specific functionalities that are not currently available, we offer the possibility of implementing these functionalities for you based on your specific requirements. If the proposed functionalities align with the goal of our project and/or are already on our roadmap, we will prioritize their implementation.

When you would like to sponsor a feature, we will first discuss your requirements and then create an offer based on the estimated hourly workload, with an hourly base rate of CHF 100. This rate will allow us to cover the development cost of your requirements.

Depending on the type of your institution, the rate might be free of VAT/Mwst or will have VAT/Mwst added, but this will have to be clarified by UZH on a case-by-case basis.

Institutional Sponsorship

Beside sponsoring specific functionalities, you or your institution can also sponsor the KlickerUZH project in general. While there are no specific development goals attached to these kinds of sponsorship, we offer several benefits mainly regarding influence within the project or more direct support in adopting the KlickerUZH.

Yearly Contribution (CHF)Benefits
1'000You are listed as a sponsor of the project on our website and repository.
3'500In addition to the above: you can talk to us through a direct channel and will be invited to regular exchanges on our further development (e.g., a yearly sounding board).
7'500In addition to the above: members of your institution get prioritized support (max. 48h resolution time vs. regular best-effort support). We will consult you in adopting the KlickerUZH at your institution (e.g., if you want to self-host or customize an instance or host an intro session).
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