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KlickerUZH v3.0 - Release Announcement
The new KlickerUZH v3.0 will be released on August 26, 2023. This version (v2) of the KlickerUZH will be available until the end of 2023. Refer to our community post for more information.

Open Source Audience Interaction

Feature Complete and Easy to Use
Optimized for Mobile Devices
Open Source and Free to Use

Use Cases

Instant Classroom Response
Poll your students to instantly check their learning progress and comprehension. Choose from one of several question types to optimally support your lecture contents. Evaluate incoming responses in real-time and export them after the conclusion of a session.
Live Q&A in Large Classrooms
The Feedback-Channel extends KlickerUZHs functionalities far beyond a simple audience response system. Students are now able to ask questions and provide feedback directly and anonymously during the lecture. If available, a teaching assistant can directly answer questions or pin them to the separate lecturer view. After a KlickerUZH session, all feedbacks and responses will still be available through the evaluation view.
Use Cases of the Q&A Channel
Real-time Feedback
Beside the possibility to submit comments in written form, students can also give feedback on the lecture speed and difficulty through a dedicated visual interface in the feedback section. The so-called confusion barometer on the other side then aggregates the data into an easily readable format and allows the lecturer to adapt the lecture pace in real-time.
Use Cases of Real-time Feedback

Why choose?

Easy to Get Started & 100% Free
KlickerUZH is an open-source project and completely free to use. Just follow the instructions given on the site linked below, fill in your questions and get started in a matter of minutes.
Getting Started
Simple Question & Session Management
KlickerUZH enables you to easily manage your questions and combine them to sessions. Read all about the process in our documentation or just try it yourself.
Question Pool and Sessions
Dedicated Presentation Mode
With the dedicated presentation mode, lecturers always have the most important information available at a glance. Just start one of your newly created session to check out the audience view.
Running Session
Live Question & Answer (Q&A)
As a very helpful tool during large lectures, KlickerUZH also provides you with a live Q&A and feedback channel to interact with your audience. In this way, teaching assistants might e.g. already answer some questions in written form.
Audience Interaction
Real-Time Feedback
Did you ever wonder, if your audience was understanding your talk or if your teaching speed was too fast? The real-time feedback collects this information from students and provides it to the lecturer in an aggregated manner.
Audience Interaction
Various Question Types
KlickerUZH supports multiple different question types including free text answers, numerical answers and multiple choice as well as single choice questions. As an additional feature, solutions can be defined and displayed for SC and MC questions. Further question types are still on the roadmap.
Question Creation
Evaluation Possiblities
Even after a session has finished you might want to access the questions asked through the Q&A channel or have a look at the confusion feedbacks over the duration of the lecture. The evaluation page provides this possiblity alongside the responses to all posed questions.
Multi-Language Support
KlickerUZH already supports German and English out of the box. Additionally, it was made to be easily extendable to further languages for your own deployment.
Language Settings

Get Involved

Features and Bug Reports
In order to further improve KlickerUZH, we are very happy about any feedbacks or bug reports. In urgent cases, you may also want contact us directly through our support channels.
Feature Requests
Development and Self-Hosting
Similar to many other open-source tools, KlickerUZH is available for self-hosting and contributions of any kind are very welcome. Have a look at our contributing guidlines, check out our GitHub repository linked below or contact us directly.
KlickerUZH on GitHub
Are you interested in what's next? Check out our current Roadmap!


We strive to develop our roadmap and goals based on the needs of our users. The goal of our project on "Digital Skills" is to improve your capabilities in the area of digital interactions. If you are interested in classroom interaction and would like to be involved in future developments, we welcome you to join our KlickerUZH user community through the following link. To log in, simply use your KlickerUZH credentials.