Now released in version 2.0

Features of

Question & Session Management

Based on the newly introduced question pool, lecturers can manage all their past as well as future questions in one place. The advanced question management allows lecturers to create and arrange questions into sessions prior to their lectures, allowing them to plan their lectures in advance.

Dedicated Presentation Mode

With the dedicated presentation mode, lecturers always have the most important information available at a glance. The session evaluation screen can be displayed independently from the remainder of the application and is purely focused on presenting the results of an evaluation as cleanly as possible.

Advanced Question Types

offers a range of different question types such as single choice (SC), multiple choice (MC), free text (FT), and number ranges (NR). As an additional feature, solutions can be defined and displayed for SC and MC questions. Further question types are still on the roadmap.

Integrated Feedback-Channel

The integrated feedback channel and confusion barometer allow lecturers to receive instant feedback on the difficulty and speed of their lecture and enable them to react to any occurring questions and problems on the fly.

Multi-Language Support

is already available in German and English. It was made to be easily extendable to further languages.

Open Source

The development and sources of are completely open source. This gives lecturers the potential to implement their own visualizations, languages, or even question types. Contributions and feedbacks are always welcome!

Project Documentation

The project documentation is available on klicker-uzh and is being updated regularly. A major upcoming addition includes contents on the architecture of the application as well as possible ways of collaborating with the project.