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Use Cases

(Gamified) Live Quizzes

KlickerUZH, a Classroom Response System (CRS), fosters student participation and inclusion in large courses via simple, anonymous polling mechanisms. Its gamification features promote active learning while reducing fears of judgment.

Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom model inverts traditional teaching by shifting knowledge acquisition to self-paced, independent study using comprehensive eLearning resources before in-person classes. During these classes, the focus is on practicing and consolidating this knowledge with the lecturer, thereby ensuring a deeper understanding and ample time to address specific queries.


Microlearning, an education approach that delivers short, focused learning units, aims to mitigate the challenges of information retention and irregular study patterns often experienced by students. With its brevity and flexibility, students can fit learning into their daily schedules and combat the 'Forgetting Curve', enabling them to review, refresh, and consolidate lecture content, irrespective of time or location.

Practice Quiz, Flashcards, and Spaced Repetition

Practice questions serve as an effective tool for students to bridge the gap between theory and application, enhancing comprehension and identifying knowledge gaps. KlickerUZH's practice quiz activity facilitates asynchronous learning through question sets targeting specific modules or topics.

Group Activities

Group activities foster creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and accountability among students, preparing them for collaborative academic and professional endeavours. KlickerUZH simplifies the incorporation of group tasks into large courses, supporting processes from group formation to resolving questions, thereby ensuring group work remains integral even in large-scale learning environments.

Live Q&A

KlickerUZH offers an inclusive and secure avenue for students to ask questions anonymously during lectures, overcoming hesitations tied to insecurity or fear of judgement. This connection cultivates an open learning environment, grants lecturers insight into students' understanding, and can facilitate interactive discussions.


Gamification integrates gaming elements into education to stimulate active participation, competition, and exploration among students, leveraging their intrinsic motivators for improved learning and skill development. Incorporating 'fun' into the gamification process is important for promoting continued engagement and improving overall educational outcomes.