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Get Involved - P-8 "Digital Skills"
As part of a project backed by swissuniversities and the Teaching Center at the Dept. of Banking and Finance (UZH), the KlickerUZH team will be working on several interesting focus areas over the coming years. We will be developing best practices and materials, as well as extending the KlickerUZH with capabilities that support each of these areas. This page and our official documentation will be continuously extended with helpful resources.
New interaction modalities for virtual and physical classrooms improve interaction between lecturers and participants.
Working On
Fall 21 - Spring 22
Gamification and Engagement
The incorporation of gamified interactions allows lecturers to increase engagement in their (virtual) classrooms.
Spring 22 - Fall 22
In-Depth Analysis
Analysis functionalities allow lecturers to evaluate their sessions and questions in terms of different quality dimensions.
Fall 22 - Spring 23
Public Roadmap
In order to simplify the workflow and to enable interaction with our user community, a public roadmap is available on Feedbear allowing you to see what we are currently working on. The same platform also enables you to submit feature requests and bug reports, as well as to like inputs from other users. This helps us to prioritize features requested more often by our users.
Roadmap on Feedbear
We strive to develop our roadmap and goals based on the needs of our users. The goal of our project on "Digital Skills" is to improve your capabilities in the area of digital interactions. If you are interested in classroom interaction and would like to be involved in future developments, we welcome you to join our KlickerUZH user community through the following link. To log in on the platform, just use your KlickerUZH credentials.
User Community
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